The Common EU Maritime Transport Policy: Policy Europeanisation in the 1990s

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 0-7546-1913-3
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This book sets out to investigate the factors that have determined the progress and development of the Common EU Maritime Transport Policy in the 1990s. The focus is on two policy areas that have been centre stage throughout these years: the establishment of European Union policies on safe seas, and shortsea shipping.

These areas are investigated in the context of the Europeanisation of policy making. The volume concentrates on both the economic environment of maritime transport and the interaction of policy makers and organised interests during the EU policy-making process. The emphasis is on the ways that these factors account for why, when, and how, the specific common EU policy is developed. While concentrating on the EU-level developments, the contextual economic internationalisation and the ineffectual policy responses of the non-EU policy-making levels are also touched upon.

The book will be of primary value to those with an interest in EU maritime policy, but will also help those researching policy making in the EU.

This title has been published as part of the 'Transport and Mobility' series created as part of a resurgence of geographical research into issues relating to transport and mobility

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