The Economics of EC Competition Law. 3rd Ed.

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Publication Date 2010
ISBN 9780421931909
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The Economics of EC Competition Law: Concepts, Application and Measurement examines economic theory and analysis as it applies to European competition law - an area of steadily increasing importance as regulatory authorities have moved to adopt more economics-based concepts when deciding what constitutes non-competitive behaviour. Drawing on their experience, the authors approach this complex and difficult subject in a straightforward manner making it accessible and easy to understand.

Discusses the basics economic principles underpinning competition law including market power, market definition and effective competition

Looks at the economic techniques used by the Commission in applying its guidelines

Examines the way in which economic theory relates to
Article 81 (TFEU 101), Article 82 (TFEU 102) and merger control

Discusses the economic concepts and analytical techniques in a clear and accessible way, with case studies and examples to illustrate the application of those concepts and techniques

Demonstrates the use of economics in Commission decisions and Court judgments through discussion of the key cases

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