The employment dimension of economy greening

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Publication Date 2010
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Going green is currently seen not only as a necessary response to the changes in the climate around the world, but also as an avenue for stimulating the EU economic development in the near and longer-term future. The process of ‘greening’ the economy is expected to have a significant effect upon EU industries and labour markets.

Climate change itself, and policies to keep it within sustainable limits, are likely to trigger important changes in the way we produce and work. Some sectors or regions will suffer and jobs will be lost, while other activities will thrive and generate new employment. Managing this substantial structural change will require, amongst others, employment policies that facilitate the necessary adjustment in an efficient and sustainable way.

Green jobs are usually defined1 as decent work created in economic sectors and activities, which reduces their environmental impact, ultimately leading to environmentally,
economically and socially sustainable enterprises and economies. This includes jobs that help to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials, decarbonise the economy, protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity and minimise the production of waste and pollution.

In this volume SYSDEM experts provide an overview and their assessment of the national employment dimension of ‘going green’ in their respective countries.

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