The EU and Multilateral Security Governance

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Publication Date 2012
ISBN 978-0-415-67930-5
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The EU and Multilateral Security Governance studies the role of the EU in peace and security as a regional actor with global aspirations, in a context of challenged and changing multilateralism.

The book examines and defines the pertinent concept of multilateral security governance, which, in spite of being more and more referred to, still needs further clarification and analysis. This book examines empirical evidence to develop further the understanding of ‘multilateral security governance’ and the EU’s role in it.

The EU and Multilateral Security Governance will be of interest to students and scholars of EU politics and security studies and governance.


Part 1: Exploring Multilateral Security Governance
1. Conceptualizing the EU in Multilateral Security Governance Michela Ceccorulli and Sonia Lucarelli
2. The Post-Westphalian State, National Security Cultures, and Global Security Governance James Sperling
3. The Social Construction of Human Security Luk Van Langenhove and Tiziana Scaramagli
4. Multilateralism at the Heart of the European Union Security Strategy Siobhán Gabriella Gibney and Sven Biscop

Part 2: EU Multilateral Security Governance in Action
5. The EU’s Participation in Multilateral Organizations Emile Kirchner
6. EU and Multilateral Crisis Management: the Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo Manuela Scheuermann
7. Security through Democratization in the Middle East: a Comparative Analysis of European Union’s Policies Diego Giannone
8. The EU in Multilateral Security Governance: the Case of the Russian-Ukrainian Gas Dispute Sijbren de Jong, Jan Wouters and Steven Sterkx
9. European Union’s Contribution to Global Climate Security. Comparing the US and EU’s Approach to Climate Security Geert De Cock
10. The EU and Multilateral Governance of Migration in North and West Africa Michela Ceccorulli and Emmanuel Fanta 11. Conclusions

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