The EU and the international socialization of gender equality: A case study of Tunisia’s AFTURD and Women and Citizenship (WAC)

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Series Details Volume 23, Number 2, Pages 223-244
Publication Date June 2018
ISSN 1362-9395
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The paper explores the impact of EU democracy promotion in the area of gender in Tunisia. It corroborates and adds nuance to the claim found in previous literature that the EU finances those CSOs whose leadership already embraces gender equality. It shows that members of these CSOs are socialized to different degrees and the internalization of gender equality differs depending on age, gender and location.

Already socialized members increased their levels of attachment and investment. New CSO members differed in their socialization outcomes. Some undergo a full internalization process, others develop attachment to some features, while they reject those ideas that do not resonate in their value system. Findings also show that the EU successfully fosters local ownership in project management.

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