The EU in the world. The foreign policy of the European Union

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Publication Date 2007
ISBN 978-92-79-06081-6
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Conscious of its global weight in economic and commercial terms, the European Union uses its power in the interests of others as well as itself. The EU promotes prosperity and supports democratic values around the world; at the same time it thereby helps to consolidate stability and well-being for the citizens within its frontiers. Integration of new countries into the EU strengthens its role on the international scene. The EU is the world’s biggest trader; but it is also the biggest provider of aid to developing countries. It has created a more proactive foreign and security policy with the capacity to carry out crisis-management and peace-keeping missions within Europe and far beyond. In today’s complex world, the EU has added new tools to the traditional instruments of foreign policy. It has, for instance, taken the international lead in tackling the issue of global warming and climate change. Global problems require global solutions.

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