The EU made simple

Publication Date 2006
ISBN 2-914685-46-7
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This work is published by the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union. As the marketing slogan goes, ‘It does what it says on the can’.

The book is comprised of six sections. The first describes the background to the European Union. The second provides facts and figures about the Member States - all twenty five of them. The third section covers the European Institutions and the links between them, while section four details the decision-making process in the EU. Section five provides a Who’s Who of the EU - past and present movers and shakers. Then there is the jargon - the A to Z of it. A useful reference list including a web directory and suggestions for further reading closes the work.

This book does not offer scholarly debate about the EU but its easily accessible style will be appreciated by those seeking fast, simple answers to fundamental questions about the EU.

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