The EU-Russia Energy Approach under the Prism of Interdependence

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Series Details Vol.16, No.3-4, September 2007, p329-356
Publication Date September 2007
ISSN 0966-2839
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Abstract: This essay aims to analyse and interpret the EU-Russia approach in the energy sector under the prism of interdependence. It seeks to account for both the increasing cooperation among EU member-states and Russia as far as security of supplies is concerned, but also provides a sound explanation for the steady clashes between the two sides. For this reason, we use the terms sensitivity and vulnerability to refer to the position that each side holds on bilateral energy matters and, accordingly, to the actions it is capable of taking to resolve its problems. This model of interdependence provides a profound understanding of the bifurcated relationship between the EU and Russia and interprets both its cooperative and conflictive elements.

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