‘The European Commission: Countdown to extinction?’

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Series Details Volume 25, Number 2, Pages 165-168
Publication Date June 2003
ISSN 0703-6337
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This article aims to suggest we should seriously contemplate the question whether intergovernmentalism will serve European integration better than supranationalism, the celebrated method responsible for nearly fifty years of successful European integration, bringing inter alia prosperity, rising European economic power in the world, a single currency and most of all peace between the peoples and states of Europe. It also seeks to remind members of the Convention and others that we should not conduct the debate on the future of the EU in abstract terms only, juggling with heavy concepts and ideas without considering the concrete influence of some of the conceptual proposals for the practical and political day-today position of the Commission in the political life of the EU.

Source Link https://doi.org/10.1080/07036330305624
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