The European Cooperative Society: A consultation document

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Publication Date 20/03/2006
ISBN 1-84532-146-4
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The UK Treasury and the Department of Trade and Industry, on 16 March 2006, launched a joint consultation on the European Cooperative Society (SCE). The SCE is a new form of cooperative which will be able to operate across the EEA on the basis of registration in one Member State. The EC Regulation and associated legislation will come into force on 18 August 2006. Council Regulation 1435/2003 provides the legislative framework that will enable formation of the SCE and Council Directive 2003/72/EC supplements the EC Regulation by providing for employee involvement in SCEs.
This consultation document includes the draft Statutory Instruments which will give effect to the EC Regulation, and implement the EC Directive as well as the partial Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). The purpose of the consultation is to seek stakeholders views on various issues, including the proposed approaches to giving effect to the EC Regulation and implementing the EC Directive. Deadline for responses: 8 June 2006.

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