The European Court of Auditors

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Publication Date 2000
ISBN 0-7494-3338-8
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Dimitrios Skiadas' book is part of the Kogan Page Dossier Series which present concise and accessible analysis of EU policies, institutions and related themes.

This volume focuses on the European Court of Auditors, the body responsible for the external audit of the EU's financial management. He examines the structure of this body, its legal nature and its operative actions, and highlights the Court's position within the EU's institutional system. In addition, there is detailed analysis of anti-fraud actions, including those of the Court of Auditors, and examination of the body's co-operation with its national counterparts. This is against a backdrop of rapid developments in the finance of the European Union dictating the need for tighter and more effective control of the management of resources.

Chapter headings include: Institutional, political and structural background; The competences of the European Court of Auditors; Relations with the other European institutions and organizations; The battle against fraud and corruption in the European Union and the contribution of the European Court of Auditors and Co-operation between the European Court of Auditors and other audit institutions.

The author's conclusions raise the question of how effective the decisions of the European Court of Auditors can be when its only real power is the influence or moral persuasion it can bring to bear upon the financial management of the Union. He considers the need to make public and bring to media attention cases of fraud, against the problem of distortion of the truth and compromising any investigation or prosecution of fraudsters and corrupt officials. He concludes that the Court is aware of the importance of its role and of making financial management within the EU as open and transparent as possible.

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