The European neighbourhood policy’s challenges

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The aim of this book is to highlight the crucial challenges the EU and its partners are facing within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

The approach followed is of an interdisciplinary nature. Lawyers, economists, political scientists and experts of geopolitical and geostrategic issues have contributed to this book that is sub-divided into three parts, namely: 'transversal challenges', 'challenges in the Mediterranean and the Middle-East', and 'challenges in Europe and Eurasia'.

The book focuses on the main challenges emanating from the debate that emerged during the process of the 2011 revision of the ENP, including the potential consequences of the uprisings in the Mediterranean countries. The main challenges for the EU will be to support democratic transitions, to contribute to the resolution of protracted conflicts in the area and to progressively define the model of economic co-development and integration of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Area.

Text is in English and French.


Part I. Transversal Challenges
1. Instruments, Principes et Méthodologie de la Politique Européenne de Voisinage - Erwan Lannon
2. Variable Geometry in the European Neighbourhood Policy: The Principle of Differentiation and its Consequences -
Peter Van Elsuwege
3. What is at Stake in the Internal Market? Towards a Neighbourhood Economic Community - Sieglinde Gstöhl
4. The European Neighbourhood Policy in the Light of the New "Neighbourhood Clause" (Article 8 TEU) - Dominik Hanf

Part II. Challenges in the Mediterranean and the Middle East
5. L’Union pour la Méditerranée: Genèse et Mise en Route d’un Projet Controversé - Bichara Khader
6. Infusing the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership with the Supranational Dynamic: A Euro-Mediterranean Community and a Step Towards Global Governance? - Peter G. Xuereb
7. La Sécurité en Méditerranée: Un État des Lieux à la Lumière des Politiques de Sécurité et de Défense de l’UE et de la Politique Européenne de Voisinage - Jean-François Coustillière
8. The European Neighbourhood Policy Response to the Socio-Economic Challenges in the Arab Mediterranean Partner Countries - Iván Martín
9. Le "Statut Avancé" Maroc-Union Européenne: Quelle Valeur Ajoutée par Rapport à la Politique Européenne de Voisinage? - Larbi Jaidi

Part III. Challenges in Europe and Eurasia
10. The Eastern Partnership: Prospects of a New Regional Dimension within the European Neighbourhood Policy - Erwan Lannon & Peter Van Elsuwege
11. The Black Sea Synergy Initiative: The Reflection of EU’s Ambitions and Limitations in the Region - Hubert Duhot
12. European Neighbourhood Policy Implementation in Ukraine: Local Context Matters - Iryna Solonenko
13. Russia: ENP Competitor - Hannes Adomeit
14. Conclusion: Democratic Transitions, Conflict Resolutions and the Search for a New Economic Model of Integration - Sieglinde Gstöhl, Erwan Lannon & Peter Van Elsuwege

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