The European Union in Africa. Incoherent policies, asymmetrical partnership, declining relevance?

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Publication Date 2016
ISBN 978-1-7849-9387-0
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The European Union in Africa: Incoherent policies, asymmetrical partnership, declining relevance? provides a comprehensive analysis of EU-Africa relations since the beginning of the twenty-first century and includes contributions from leading experts in the field of EU external relations. It seeks to explain how the relationship evolved through discussion of a number of different policies and agreements, ranging from established areas such as aid, agriculture, trade and security, to new areas such as migration, climate change, energy and social policies.

This book successfully challenges a number of widely-held assumptions on the role of the EU in Africa, and at the same time sheds light on the role and identity of the EU in the international arena. It will be of great interest to students and scholars in the field of EU external relations as well as practitioners of international development.

I. Introduction
1. EU-Africa relations in the twenty-first century: evolution and explanations - Maurizio Carbone

II. Actors and contexts
2. The European Union as an actor in Africa: internal coherence and external legitimacy - Fredrik Söderbaum
3. The EU's Africa policy between the US and China: interests, altruism, and cooperation - Gorm Rye Olsen
4. Locating the EU's strategic behaviour in Sub-Saharan Africa: an emerging strategic culture? - Richard G. Whitman and Toni Haastrup
5. Africa's place in international relations: domestic politics, global linkages - Ian Taylor
6. African regionalism: external influences and continental shaping forces - Mary Farrell

III. Policies and partnerships
7. Foreign aid, coordination, and ownership in EU-Africa relations - Maurizio Carbone
8. EU human rights and democracy promotion in Africa: normative power or realist interests? - Gordon Crawford
9. Economic Partnership Agreements and Africa: losing friends and failing to influence - Christopher Stevens
10. Unfulfilled expectations? The EU's agricultural and fisheries policies and Africa - Alan Matthews
11. Out of Africa: the energy-development nexus - Amelia Hadfield
12. Climate change and the EU-Africa Strategy: coherence, leadership, and the 'greening' of development - Simon Lightfoot
13. The EU-Africa migration partnership: the limits of the EU's external dimension of migration in Africa - Tine Van Criekinge
14. Work in progress: the social dimension of EU-Africa relations - Jan Orbie

IV. Conclusion
15. European policies, African impact and international order: (re)evaluating the EU-Africa relationship - Michael Smith

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