The Future of the European Union 2013

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Publication Date 08/05/2013
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A range of features in this FT Special Report:

+ European Union seeks road to redemption
While Europe appears determined to master its destiny, long-term solutions are hard to find, writes Tony Barber

+ Trade: Fate of transatlantic agreement hinges on political pragmatism
Projected gains from a pact stretch beyond economic growth, says Joshua Chaffin

+ Hint of southern comfort shows need to bolster reform process
Prospects for those countries hardest hit by the eurozone crisis – and their ability to embrace tough policies – are assessed by FT writers

+ Banking union: Work proceeds on bank rules
Sharing risks of the financial sector is back on the agenda, reports Alex Barker

+ Fiscal union: Integration put on back burner
Market calm has led to complacency in national capitals, writes Peter Spiegel

+ Political reform: Financial crisis fuels talk of democratic deficit
Legitimacy problem rears head as citizens question authority, says Joshua Chaffin

Foreign policy: Struggle for coherence remains intense in diplomatic relations
Economic travails are undermining the bloc’s influence, reports James Blitz

+ UK role: Cameron takes a defensive stance
After a sceptical and widely criticised speech, the British prime minister has his work cut out to restore goodwill in Brussels, reports George Parker

+ German elections: Merkel has more Europe in mind
Any hopes that a future coalition will dilute austerity plans seem unfounded, writes Quentin Peel

Immigration: Demographic crisis pushes outsiders to fill jobs
As populations age, foreign workers have become an economic necessity, says Norma Cohen

+ Citizenship: Quest for passport to a better life triggers debate on liberties
Free movement as a right within the community is in question, writes Peggy Hollinger

+ EU focuses on returning single market to health
Commission moves to reignite the bloc’s growth-deprived economy, writes James Fontanella-Khan

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