The Governance of Insurance Undertakings. Corporate Law and Insurance Regulation

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Publication Date 2022
ISBN 978-3-030-85817-9
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This open access volume of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation brings together contributions from authors with different legal cultures. It aims to identify the legal issues that arise from the intersection of two disciplines: insurance law and corporate/company law. These legal issues are examined mainly from the perspective of European Union (EU) law. However, there are also contributions from other legal systems, enriching the perspective with which to approach these issues.

Table of Contents:

  • The System of Governance of Insurance Undertakings
    • Corporate Governance and the So-Called ‘Four-Eyes Principle’ | Niccolò Abriani & Armando Catania
    • The Risk Management System, the Risk Culture and the Duties of the Insurers’ Directors | Pierpaolo Marano & Simon Grima
    • The Role of the Compliance Function in the Process of Managing the Risk of Non-Compliance in an Insurance Undertaking | Wojciech Paś
    • Insurance Outsourcing: A Legal Analysis | Monika Szaraniec
    • Remuneration Policies of Insurance Undertakings in Europe: Principles for a Deeply Heterogeneous Reality | Covadonga Díaz Llavona
    • Corporate Governance Standards for Insurers in Singapore | Christopher Chen
  • Insurance Business and Corporate Law
    • Recovery and Resolution of Insurance Companies and Director’s Duties | Michele Siri & Arthur Van den Hurk
    • Restructuring, Winding-Up & Portfolio Transfer of Insurance Companies in Distress | Kyriaki Noussia, Peter Underwood & Stergios Frastanlis
    • Insurance in M&A Transactions | Angelo Borselli
    • The Algorithmic Future of Insurance Supervision in the EU: A Reality Check | Andromachi Georgosouli & Jeremmy Okonjo
    • Financial Reporting in Insurance and International Financial Reporting Standards | Katica Tomic
    • Recent Directions in the Regulation of Insurance Claims Handling in the United Kingdom and Australia: A Model for Other Jurisdictions to Consider? | Robin Bowley
    • Business Registration Data as the Best Vehicle to Achieve KYC and AML for Business | Erick Rincón Cárdenas & Valeria Martinez Molano
    • The Influence of Public and Corporate Insurance Law on the Application of Private International Law: Selected Issues | Mariusz Fras
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