The history of the European Union. Origins of a trans- and supranational polity 1950-72

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Publication Date 2008
ISBN 978-0-415-46393-5
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Drawing upon social science theories and debates as well as recent historical research, Wolfram Kaiser and Morten Rasmussen in their introductory chapters discuss ways of narrating the history of the EU as the emergence of a transnational political society and supranational political system. Building on these insights, eight chapters based on multilateral and multi-archival research follow each with case studies of transnational networks, public sphere and institutional cultures and policy-making which illustrate systematically related aspects of the early history of the EU. In the concluding chapter Alex Warleigh-Lack explains how greater interdisciplinary cooperation, especially between contemporary history and political studies, can significantly advance our knowledge of the EU as a complex polity.

1. Origins of a European Polity
2. Transnational Networks in European Governance
3. Supranational Governance in the Making
4. Transatlantic Policy Networks in the Creation of the First European Anti-Trust Law
5. Transnational Business Networks Propagating EC Industrial Policy
6. Socialist Party Networks in Northern Europe
7. Transnational Communication in the European Public Sphere
8. DG IV and the Origins of a Supranational Competition Policy
9. The Origins of Community Information Policy
10. Delegation as a Political Process
11. The European Commission and the Rise of Coreper
12. Interdisciplinarity in Research on the EU

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