The impact of Brexit in Ireland

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This ESO In Focus brings together links to websites and documents which provide information on the impact on Ireland of the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

In the Programme for Partnership Government Annual Report 2017 of the Irish Government it is said:

BREXIT – Implications for Ireland

Since the formation of the Government we had the decision of the UK to exit the European Union. We recognise that Ireland is more exposed than any other country to the negative effects of Brexit. Since the referendum we have engaged in a major diplomatic campaign to ensure our priorities were properly understood by our European partners. These priorities are to protect the Good Friday Agreement and the Northern Ireland Peace Process, including through maintaining an open border; to continue the Common Travel Area with the UK; to minimise the impact on our trade and the economy; and very importantly to work for a positive future for the European Union. Our preparations have ensured that Ireland’s unique concerns and priorities are reflected in EU’s Negotiating Guidelines. We are only at the beginning of a long and complex process but in the meantime the priority of the Government is to help Irish businesses limit the fallout from Brexit by helping to open up new markets for Irish goods and services.

United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern Ireland - selected records in ESO

+ Northern Ireland and Ireland: position paper (UK: Government: Position Paper, August 2017)
+ Speech by the Taoiseach Mr. Leo Varadkar TD, Queen's University, Friday 4 August 2017 - 'The Future of Relationships North and South'
+ Facing Brexit: Ireland, Northern Ireland and the EU (Simon Coveney, Republic of Ireland minister for foreign affairs and trade speech in London, July 2017)
Brexit Negotiations: The Irish border question (United Kingdom: House of Commons: Library: Briefing Paper, July 2017)
Brexit: UK-Irish relations (United Kingdom: House of Lords: Select Committee on the European Union: Report, 2016)

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