The Implications of China’s Rise for Asia and Europe

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Series Details No.05, May 2006
Publication Date 02/05/2006
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China has in a very short time span embraced multilateral mechanisms to address a broad range of issues and avoided confrontation with the United States. Both stances have shaped Asian and European views of a rising China.

At present, Asian and European leaders take China’s word regarding its peaceful intentions as a rising power. However, Asian and European policy-makers tend to refrain from confronting China too strongly on issues sensitive to Beijing (poor implementation of intellectual property rights, disregard for human rights, etc.).

The more prosperous China grows, the less influence any other country will have over Beijing’s policies. A rising China is a challenge to others because of its sheer size, its great need for imported energy, and the environmental
degradation it causes due to its ongoing industrialization.

The troubled relationship between China and Japan is one of increasing concern and could lead to aggravated tensions in East Asia.

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