The Islamic State through the Regional lens

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Publication Date October 2014
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The ECFR launched a new project 'The Islamic State through the Regional Lens' in 2014. A collection of fourteen articles and essays.

This series examines the reaction of key Middle Eastern actors, as well as looking at European policy options, the dynamics driving IS itself, and the impact within Syria and Iraq respectively. Each of the 14 pieces presents and dissects the perspective of one of the different actors, mapping out the threats and interests driving developments.

The articles are:

+ Egypt’s Sisi gains leverage from the fight against the Islamic State
+ Europe and the Islamic State: Venturing down the wrong track
+ Iran’s strategy against the Islamic State
+ Iraq’s response to the challenge of the Islamic State
+ The Islamic State’s regional strategy
+ The Islamic State in the Jewish state’s wing mirror
+ Jordan combats the Islamic State by addressing domestic grievances
+ Divided Kurds fight the Islamic State
+ Kuwait: the crisis in Syria comes home
+ Confronting the Islamic State: Lebanon’s tenuous success amidst growing threats
+ Qatar's risky balancing act
+ A Saudi view on the Islamic State
+ The Islamic State and the struggle for control in Syria
+ Turkey: under pressure to take a definitive stance

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