The Israeli collective memory and the Masada Syndrome: a political instrument to counter the EU funding of Israeli non-governmental human rights organizations

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Series Details Vol.22, No.2, June 2017, p257-277
Publication Date June 2017
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The EU’s practice of funding Israeli non-governmental human rights organizations (hereinafter ‘HRNGOs’) has in the years leading to 2017, encountered a counter-strategy, pursued by certain Israeli NGOs and members of the Israeli government, media and academia. This counter-strategy succeeded in discrediting the HRNGOs and the EU and rendering their mutual collaboration less effective.

The purpose of this article is to contextualize the counter-strategy within the sphere of Israel’s collective memory. The article analyses the manner in which certain politicians and various members of the Israeli society (agents of memory), who themselves are the product of the evolving Israeli collective memory and identity (structure), attempt to draw on Israel’s collective memory/structure in order to advance their particular political agenda.

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