The Member States of the European Union

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Publication Date 2005
ISBN 0-19-925281-5
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This work is published in the New European Union Series, which brings together the expertise of leading scholars writing on major aspects of EU politics for an international readership.

The book is organised in three parts. Part one examines the relationship between the Member States and the EU, seeking to understand Member State power in the EU and the growing sense of Europeanisation. Part two becomes territorial in its perspective, providing individual chapters on the major states within the EU and comparative chapters for other state groupings. The new Member States are grouped in a single chapter in accord with their common experiences at the early stages of membership.
Part three concentrates upon Europeanisation, dealing with such topics as the impact of Europeanisation on governance structures, political forces, public policy and the European political economy.

The book will interest scholars and students engaged in European Studies.

Simon Bulmer is Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics at the University of Manchester.

Christian Lequesne is Research Director at CERI-Sciences Po, Paris and Director of the Centre Fran├žais de Recherche en Sciences Sociales, Prague.

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