The new common fisheries policy

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Publication Date 1994
ISBN 92-826-7570-X
EC CM-81-93-874-EN-C
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No other activity can provide as clear an example of the need for a coordinated European Community policy as fishing. A host of legal, political, economic, social and environmental factors lies behind the creation of the common fisheries policy which has operated since 1983 and is now in its second decade.

Fishing, one of mankind's oldest pursuits, is an emotive subject. It conjures up images of mankind defying the elements and of close-knit coastal communities. Fish also play an increasingly important part in our diet as new species are caught and new processing techniques developed.

A sense of independence has always been a hallmark of fishermen. There are many still today who rail against governments and the European Community for imposing restrictions on their profession and argue for 'a return to the good old days' when they could put to sea and pursue shoals of fish when and where they wished.

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