The political economy of European integration. Theory and analysis

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Publication Date 2005
ISBN 978-0-415-34064-9
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This book provides a balanced introduction to diverse political economy perspectives on different aspects of European integration, demonstrating both the importance and the potential of research in this area.

The volume includes three types of chapters: broad literature reviews, narrower applications of existing arguments, and new syntheses of competing claims. The authors also present a critical appraisal of how scholars in the EU and US use theory to understand European integration, and examine issues such as citizens' attitudes, perceptions and preferences of actors, the role of non-state actors, principle-agent questions, and the role and the autonomy of European institutions.

This empirically informed and methodologically rigorous volume will be of great interest to students and researchers in the fields of comparative political economy, EU studies, international political economy and international organizations.

Introduction: Political Economy and European Integration - Erik Jones and Amy Verdun
An American/European Divide in European Integration Studies: Bridging the gap with international political economy - Amy Verdun
Non-State Actors and False Dichotomies: Reviewing IR/IPE approaches to European integration - Maria Green Cowles
The Principal-Agent Approach and the study of the European Union: Promise unfulfilled? - Hussein Kassim and Anand Menon
Idiosyncrasy and Integration: Suggestions from comparative political economy - Erik Jones
The Role of Organized Interests in the European Political Economy - Justin Greenwood
Imagined European Unions: Perceptions of the EU and support for EU enlargement - Maurits van der Veen
European Monetary Integration and Class Strategies: The federation of German industry's position on monetary union from Bretton Woods to EMU - Marcus Pistor
The EU and Inter-Regional Cooperation: Interests, preferences and structural power - Mary Farrell
Understanding New Forms of European Integration: A study in competing political economy explanations - Waltraud Schelkle
The Political Economy of European Integration in a Spatial Model - Robert Pahre
Conclusion: Convergence and divergence in the study of European political economy: Anatomy of a research agenda - Erik Jones and Amy Verdun

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