The Political System of the European Union (Fourth Edition)

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Publication Date 2022
ISBN 9781350325494
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Starting from the observation that the European Union (EU) now possesses many of the attributes of modern political systems, the authors take an innovative approach to analysing, researching and teaching the EU. Using the general theories of political science to understand how the EU works, this text covers each of the main processes in the EU political system - executive, legislative and judicial politics, public opinion, interest groups and democracy, and regulatory, monetary and foreign policies - introducing the key political science tools, reviewing the relevant theories, and applying the knowledge in detailed descriptive analysis.

As well as incorporating new data and the latest research, this edition examines the consequences of the dramatic political and policy developments in the EU over the past decade.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Explaining the EU Political System
  • Part I - Government
    • Executive Politics
    • Legislative Politics
    • Judicial Politics
  • Part II - Politics
    • Public Opinion
    • Democracy, Parties and Elections
    • Interest Representation
  • Part III - Policies
    • Regulation of the Single Market
    • Expenditure Policies
    • Economic and Monetary Union
    • Interior Policies
    • Foreign Policies
  • Conclusion: A Political System in Crisis?
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