The politics of Belgium

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Series Details Vol.29, No.5, November 2006 (special issue)
Publication Date November 2006
ISSN 0140-2382
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Articles in this special issue include:

Part I: Sociological and Institutional Determinants of Policy-Making
Wilfried Swenden & Maarten Theo Jans: 'Will it stay or will it go?' Federalism and the sustainability of Belgium
Kris Deschouwer: And the peace goes on? Consociational democracy and Belgian politics in the twenty-first century
Jaak Billiet (et al.): Does Belgium (still) exist? Differences in political culture between Flemings and Walloons
Lieven De Winter (et al.): Party system(s) and electoral behaviour in Belgium: From stability to balkanisation
Lieven De Winter & Patrick Dumont: Do Belgian parties undermine the democratic chain of delegation?

Part II: Policy Performance and Policy Reform
Marleen Brans (et al.): Administrative reform in Belgium: Maintenance or modernisation?
Jeroen Maesschalck & Steven Van de Walle: Policy failure and corruption in Belgium: Is federalism to blame?
Stefaan De Rynck & Karolien Dezeure: Policy convergence and divergence in Belgium: Education and health care
Bea Cantillon (et al.): Social redistribution in federalised Belgium
Jan Beyers & Peter Bursens: The European rescue of the federal state: How Europeanisation shapes the Belgian state.

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