The Populist-Putin-Trump insurgency against liberal Europe

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The new axis between Trump’s America, Putin’s Russia, and European populists represents a toxic mix for the liberal order in Europe. If ever there was a time to come out in defence of that order, it is now.

Europe’s liberal order could come crashing down next year. Squeezed from all directions, it may not be able to withstand the pressure. Within Europe, populists on the left and right are trying to roll back the liberal order. This insurgency is being actively backed by Putin’s Russia, and, now, it seems, Trump’s America. The European Union itself risks being an early casualty.

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The United States expelled 35 Russian diplomats at the end of December 2016 over claims that Russia had interfered in the US election. But is Russia’s strategy in the West really having a tangible impact on political outcomes and, if so, how should the West respond? Linda Risso writes that the West’s apparent weakness to Russian influence stems from a lack of political, economic and cultural cohesion, alongside a lack of direction when it comes to organising our multicultural and multi-ethnic societies.

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