The pro-Israel lobby in Europe. The politics of religion and Christian Zionism in the European Union

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Publication Date 2016
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Introduction: Religion and lobbying in the European Union
1. Europe's values and religion
2. EU-Israel relations in context
3. The ECI structure
4. The ECI values
5. The ECI strategy

The activities of pro-Israel pressure groups and lobbyists in the US are well-known. But the pro-Israel lobby in Europe is less prominent in both academic and media accounts. In a unique account, the author identifies the pro-Israeli groups which attempt to influence policy-makers and implementers in the EU, specifically examining Christian Zionist groups.

Through a detailed study of the European Coalition for Israel (ECI), the only Christian Zionist lobby in Brussels, Elvira King analyses whether and how a religious group can (and can fail to) influence decision-makers in the EU.

By exploring the context of European relations with Israel as well as the mechanisms through which pressure groups are able to influence EU-wide policies, this book offers an analysis which demonstrates how the EU can be a site where religion and politics meet, rather than just being a secular institution.

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