The role of the European Council in negotiating the 2021-27 MFF

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To assess the role of the European Council in the process of the adoption of the multiannual financial framework and its evolution over time, this paper provides a comparative analysis of the similarities and differences between the European Council's involvement in the 2014‑2020 and 2021‑2027 MFF negotiations. An additional content analysis of EU leaders' Twitter communication on the MFF focuses in particular on key moments in the European Council's decision-making process.

The 2021‑2027 MFF negotiations provide yet another example of the ways in which EU leaders not only intervene in the parts of the policy cycle envisaged for the European Council in the Treaties, but extend the scope of their involvement and influence, to areas where this is expressly prohibited by the Treaties, such as regarding legislation. The European Council's involvement in legislative matters against the letter of the Treaties can be considered both as 'déjà vu' and as a further evolution of its involvement.

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