The Rome, Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties. Comparative texts

Publication Date 1999
ISBN 2-930066-53-9
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The Rome, Maastricht & Amsterdam Treaties: comparative texts:

This new title has been designed to help users see at a glance the amendments brought by the Amsterdam Treaty to the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Treaty on European Union. In addition, the protocols and declarations accompanying the Treaties of Maastricht and Amsterdam are reproduced.

In order to achieve the comparison, each page is divided into two columns. In the first section, the left-hand column presents the text of the Treaty on European Union in the version resulting from the latest amendments brought by the accession of Austria, Finland and Sweden. Placed alongside is the text of the Treaty on European Union revised by the Amsterdam Treaty, with the new numbering introduced by Article 11 of the Amsterdam Treaty. Where amendments have been made, these are worded in italics so that they can be more easily identified. Where the wording of articles remain unchanged this is also indicated, as it is where paragraphs have been deleted or repealed. For the second section, the structure is the same, except that the left-hand column details the Treaty establishing the European Community, while the right hand column details amendments brought about by the Treaty of Amsterdam.

In the second section, the protocols and declarations of Maastricht and Amsterdam are reproduced in their entirety. Finally there is a subject index to enable readers to find the article they need quickly.

The publication is the translated version of an original French text Les Traites de Rome, Maastricht et Amsterdam - textes compares - 1998 edition, published by La Documentation Francaise.

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