The US, Europe and the Iran nuclear deal: is there a sweet spot?

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On the 8 May 2018 US President Donald Trump announced that he would cease to support the nuclear agreement with Iran signed by China, the European Union, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

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It is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation based in London and registered in the United Kingdom.In his statement on 12 January 2018, US President Trump made clear that he would not renew sanctions waivers on Iran unless what he saw as key flaws in the 2015 nuclear deal were fixed. The US Administration was trying to persuade other parties to the agreement to help address US concerns.

Yet the Europeans strongly supported the agreement. And Iran was complying with the agreement in every material respect. Can this impasse be resolved?

Sir Simon Gass, former UK Ambassador to Iran and the senior official who led the British team at the E3+3/Iran nuclear negotiations, set out a possible diplomatic sweet spot for the current US-Europe negotiations that might meet US concerns, yet keep Iran and the other parties to the deal on board.

The ELN has published a number of further analyses of this issue in the spring of 2018:

+ Macron and Merkel Must Flex Muscles to Save Iran Nuclear Deal, by Axel Hellman
+ Saving the JCPOA: the EU has to work with Russia and China, by Andrey Baklitskiy and Adlan Margoev
+ 500 French, British and German MPs write to their US counterparts to support the JCPOA
+ Safeguarding the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Blueprint for Europe, by Axel Hellman

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