Theresa May has two clear options on Brexit – neither of them easy

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David Cameron has indicated that he will resign as British Prime Minister on 13 July 2016, with Theresa May due to take over following her victory in the Conservative Party leadership contest.

Gavin Barrett writes that the new Prime Minister will be faced with an exceptional challenge in handling the fallout from the EU referendum. He suggests that any attempt to rerun the vote would be problematic, but that it is highly unlikely she will be able to secure a deal that restricts EU free movement of persons while retaining access to the single market.

See also the separate EuroppBlog article called 'There are sound practical reasons why free movement should accompany free trade' (see related url) - One of the key issues in the UK’s negotiation to leave the European Union will be whether it is possible for the country to retain access to the single market without accepting freedom of movement. But why do free movement and free trade go hand in hand? Charlie Cadywould explains why in practice there are several sound reasons for maintaining freedom of movement alongside free trade.

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