Towards an urban agenda in the European Union

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Series Details COM (97) 197
Publication Date 06/05/1997
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Communication adopted by the Commission of the European Communities on 6 May 1997, setting out a common approach for urban development in the European Union (EU).

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This Communication examines possibilities for improving urban development and for increasing the effectiveness of existing Community intervention in urban areas. It is argued that much can be achieved through a more focused approach using existing instruments at national and Community level and enhanced co-operation and co-ordination at all levels.

It is structured into four parts. The first part sets out the key challenges which affect all cities to a greater or lesser degree. The second part takes stock of existing EU policies which have an impact, directly or indirectly, on cities. The third part proposes some directions for future actions and the approach which urban policy in Europe could take as a starting point for debate. Finally, fourth part proposes a follow-up of this communication, in particular the organisation of an Urban Forum in 1998.

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