Towards WCO modernization: Reforming the World Customs Organization

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Initiative put forward by the European Union (EU) in June 2021 setting out a broad reform of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

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The WCO was established in 1952 to become the global forum that shapes international standards and common action in the field of customs. The European Union (EU) joined this organisation in 2007.

Since its establishment, the WCO never underwent a comprehensive reform despite the shifts in international trade and emerging challenges facing national customs administrations across the world. This initiative thus aims at modernising the WCO to further strengthen its position in multilateralism and to help it address those developments. The document takes the form of a series of recommendation to stress the organisation's activities, but also to provide a clear direction of travel for its future work.

The submission of this initiative - presented at the WCO Council on 24-26 June 2021 - aligns with the objectives of the European Commission's Communication on Trade Policy Review and the Commission & EEAS Joint strategy on multilateralism.

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