Transforming the future of ageing

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This Evidence Review Report examines how public health aimed at protecting and improving the health of people and their communities can improve the prospects of current and future ageing of EU citizens.

Taking into consideration that the life expectancy of the next generation of older adults is likely to surpass that of their parents, it becomes absolutely necessary to foresee and plan for the challenges that they will face. The two combined strategies are:

  • promoting healthy lifestyles over the life course, as well as detecting and modifying early and mid-life risk factors of impaired function and chronic diseases, in order to delay age-related disability;
  • providing more appropriate health and social care for the aged EU population by offering integrated and holistic care in all-age community and health care facilities.

Both of the aforementioned approaches must bear in mind that:

  • technology will not only transform entire population attitudes toward life but will also revolutionise care delivery systems;
  • whatever the impact of technology, an adequate number of skilled health care professionals is absolutely essential.

This Report was produced by the SAPEA consortium upon request by the European Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM).

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