Transition report 2003: Integration and regional cooperation

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 1-898802-23-8
ISSN 1356-3424
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The Transition Report is a unique source of information on developments in central and eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Drawing on the EBRD's extensive experience as an investor in the region, the Report offers comprehensive analysis of the transition to market economies and macroeconomic performance.

Country-by-country assessments comprise macroeconomic tables, including output and expenditure and foreign direct investment. They also provide key data on liberalisation, stabilisation, privatisation, enterprise reform, infrastructure, financial institutions and social reform.

The special theme of the 2003 Report is integration and regional cooperation. As accession to the European Union approaches for eight countries of the region, the Report focuses on the impact that this will have not only on the new member countries but also on the countries left outside. How will it affect current trade patterns both within the region and between the region and the rest of the world? How can the non-EU members be better integrated into the world economy? And what role can regional trade blocs play?

As well as addressing these key questions, the Report looks at how EU accession will affect the movement of capital and labour. In particular, it examines current levels of foreign direct investment and assesses the policy changes that are needed to increase investor interest throughout the region. It also looks at probable labour flows following EU enlargement and investigates what is needed to encourage greater mobility across the region.

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