Trump’s Message to Europe

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The National Security Strategy Report was published by the executive branch of the United States government. It was intended to be a comprehensive statement articulating the worldwide interests, goals, and objectives of the United States that are important to its security. Among the reporting requirements were those actions needed to deter aggression and to implement the national security strategy.

The President should submit a report on the national security strategy of the United States to Congress each year. However, especially in recent years, these reports had been made late or not at all.

NSS's were published in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2015 and by President Trump in December 2017.

US National Security Strategy 2017

The Strategy identified four vital national interests, or 'four pillars' as:

1. Protect the homeland, the American people, and American way of life;
2. Promote American prosperity;
3. Preserve peace through strength;
4. Advance American influence.

The Strategy addressed key challenges and trends that affected US standing in the world, including:

+ Revisionist powers, such as China and Russia, that use technology, propaganda, and coercion to shape a world antithetical to US interests and values
+ Regional dictators that spread terror, threatened their neighbours, and pursued weapons of mass destruction
+ Jihadist terrorists that formented hatred to incite violence against innocents in the name of ideology, and transnational criminal organisations that spilt drugs and violence into US communities.
President Donald Trump launched a new National Security Strategy (NSS) for the United States on the 18 December 2017.

In this Commentary feature the author argued that Europeans could take some solace from Trump’s support for NATO and the EU exhibited in the NSS. But the US president will want value for money.

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