TTIP: more US market access, reform investment protection, retain EU standards

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The European Parliament (EP) updated its position on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on the 28 May 2015, outlining what issues were important to MEPs. The International Trade Committee, which was the lead EP committee in charge, adopted a draft report, providing guidelines to the current negotiations. MEPs would vote on this draft report during the June plenary (scheduled for 10 June 2015).

The draft report said that an EU-US trade deal should deepen EU access to the US market, but must not undermine EU standards or the right to regulate in the public interest. Tools for resolving disputes between investors and states should be reformed and improved, they added.

As the final vote in the European Parliament came closer, it was reported that the fragile support to the trade deal might be undone following a great lack of consensus within the Socialists & Democrats (S&D) group in the chamber.

It became clear on the 9 June 2015 that the vote planned for the 10 June 2015 would be postponed because of divisions within, in particular, the S&D Group and pressure from NGOs opposed to the investor protection clauses and other aspects of the proposed TTIP agreement.

It was later announced that an extraordinary meeting of the international trade committee would take place on 29 June.

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