Turkey. Current issues and background

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 978-1-59033-790-5
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The Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) was established on October 29, 1923. Its central location straddling Europe and the Middle East and its control over access to the Black Sea make it an important geopolitical entity. It has the interesting, if not quite believable to many identity, as a secular Arab country. Recent bones of contention involving Turkey include the Caspian Sea oil and access to it, its membership in NATO and the EU as its durability as a nonparticipant so far in the Middle East conflicts. Turkey can not be written off or on by any power center at this time. Thus this country and its background and the burning issues of the day must be considered as important by all those interested in world affairs. This new book presents current materials and selected historical information which together help weave an issue tapestry of this pivotal country.


Chapter 1 - Turkey and Europe - Economic Aspects of a Difficult Relationship
(A. M. Lohrmann, Bergische Universitat-GH Wuppertal);

Chapter 2 - Turkey: Financial Crises in Context;
(Carol Migdalovitz)

Chapter 3 - Terrorism: Foreign Legal Framework;
(Belma Bayar)

Chapter 4 - Turkey's Globalization in Arms: The Economic Impact
(Gülay Günlük-Senesen)

Chapter 5 - Turkey: Issues for U.S. Policy
(Carol Migdalovitz)

Chapter 6 - Turkey: U.S. Sale of Helicopters
(Carol Migdalovitz)

Chapter 7 - Quest for Hegemony: Discourses on Democracy in Turkey
(Necmi Endogan and Fahriye Ustuner)

Chapter 8 - Turkey’s Kurdish Imbroglio and U.S. Policy (Carol Migdalovitz)

Chapter 8 - The Poverty of Social Security: The Welfare Regime In Turkey; pp. 107-125
(Tulay Arin)

Chapter 9 - Iraq: The Turkish Factor
(Carol Migdalovitz)

Chapter 10 - Religious Freedom in Turkey
(Edward P. Lipton)(Editor)

Chapter 11 - Turkey: A Country Study
(Helen Chapin Metz)(Editor)


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