Turkey in the European Union. Implications for agriculture, food and structural policy

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Publication Date 2005
ISBN 0-85199-094-0
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The objective of this book is to present a balanced overview of the Turkish agrifood system and rural areas, set against the background of accession talks commencing with the European Union.

The work is organised over thirteen chapters, the first of which offers background information and macroeconomic context. Chapter two provides a general description of the Turkish economy and regional income distribution. Chapter three looks at the institutional context of Turkish agriculture, while chapter four addresses the importance of agricultural production within the Turkish economy, both in employment terms and share of GDP. Chapters five to ten are given over to existing institutions, looking at how they function and what they achieve. Chapter five examines the quality and performance of the agricultural work force. Chapter six explores the agrifood sector from a chain perspective. Agricultural, food, rural and structural policies are covered in chapter seven. Turkey’s trading relationships with main partners and within the WTO are dealt with in chapter eight. The interface of agriculture and the environment are discussed in chapter nine, while chapter ten addresses plant and animal health. Chapter eleven focuses upon the consequences for the European Union of Turkish accession, then chapter twelve looks at the potential consequences for Turkey. The final chapter explores some of the threats, opportunities and challenges for agriculture as a result of Turkish accession.

The book will interest policy makers, scholars and students of agriculture, rural economics and European studies.

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