Turkey’s Iraq problem

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The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım held meetings with both the Iraqi government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Irbil during his visit to Iraq on 7–8 January 2016. The most important topics of the visit included: the Turkish military base in Bashiqa in Iraq, the fight against Islamic State (IS), the presence of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) troops in Sinjar in north-western Iraq, and the economic and energy co-operation between the two countries and between Turkey and the KRG.

Although no new bilateral agreements have been signed, this visit –the first by a Turkish prime minister to Iraq since 2014 – is being presented as a success in the Turkish media. Iraq and the KRG are important economic partners for Turkey, since they are the recipients of Turkish exports, they offer Turkish firms room for activity, and they export oil to Turkey.

Source Link https://www.osw.waw.pl/en/publikacje/analyses/2017-01-11/turkeys-iraq-problem
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