Turkish presidential election, April-August 2007

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Reports and analyses on the election of Turkey's President between April and August 2007.

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The presidential vote was held among Members of Parliament (MPs) by secret ballot. A candidate required a two-thirds majority to be elected in the first two rounds. If no clear winner emerged before the third round, the winning threshold would then be dropped to a simple majority. If there was still no winner, the two candidates with the most votes would progress to a runoff election, where the simple majority rule would again apply.

The first round of the parliamentary vote was held on 27 April 2007 and later repeated (6 May) following a deliberation from the country's constitutional court which annulled the first exercise. Both were widely boycotted by the Opposition, which led to the withdrawal of the bid put forward by the leading candidate Abdullah Gül (AKP). On 10 May, the Turkish Prime Minister triggered an early parliamentary election which was held on 22 July.

Mr Gül was re-nominated after the AK Party acquired a larger portion of parliamentary seats in the aftermath of the legislative elections. He was eventually elected in the third round of this second attempt at electing a President for the country. The first round was held on 20 August and the second on 24 August. The final round was held on 28 August - its success was down to some of the Opposition choosing not to boycott the vote this time around.

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