Two years (and ten years) of war in Europe: hard times for Ukraine

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Publication Date March 2024
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Two years after Russian president Vladimir Putin launched his full-scale invasion of Ukraine and ten years after Russia’s war against Ukraine began with the annexation of Crimea, war fatigue and divisions in the Western camp were encouraging Putin to think that he can win. Though Ukrainian forces had surprising success against the Russian navy, they made little progress on land in 2023. While Western support was essential for Ukraine, it arrived too late and in too small quantities.

The longer Ukraine struggled to obtain adequate supplies, the more the balance could tilt in Russia’s favour. The West was been reluctant to supply some capabilities sought by the Ukrainians, such as longer-range missiles. But the United States of America (USA), and especially Europe, also struggled to produce enough equipment and munitions. Defence firms would not invest in increasing manufacturing capacity without longer-term guarantees of continued orders.

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