UK and France to spearhead campaign

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France, Britain and the US scrambled on the 18 March 2011 to co-ordinate a military operation that could check Muammer Gaddafi’s forces, ignoring the Libyan leader’s sudden declaration that he would abide by a ceasefire.

As part of an international coalition, French planes fired shots against Gadhafi's forces in Libya on the 19 March 2011. The move cames in response to Gadhafi's defiance of the UN no-fly zone imposed on the 17 March 2011.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, defended her government’s decision to abstain in the UN Security Council vote on a 'no-fly-zone' in Libya.

'As everyone knows, Germany will not take part in military measures,' she said on the 18 March 2011. 'That is why we abstained in the vote. But we share the goals of the resolution unreservedly. Our abstention should not be confused with neutrality'.

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