UK can be excluded from Galileo Public Regulated Service

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In this report published on the 24 April 2018, which considered the United Kingdom's future involvement in the EU space programmes, the European Scrutiny Committee concluded that the UK could be excluded from accessing the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS).

Galileo is the European global satellite-based navigation system.

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In May 2018 the Department for Exiting the European Union in the United Kingdom published in May 2018 a Policy Paper, which outlined the UK Government's vision for a future UK-EU Security Partnership.

In addition, further related Policy Papers were published on the 24 May 2018

+ Technical note on consultation and cooperation on external security
+ Technical note on security, law enforcement and criminal justice
+ Technical note on UK's participation in Galileo.

The Technical note concerning Galileo highlighted the UK's desire to continue participation in the programme and expressed anger at indications that this might not be possible. The UK could not accept the EU’s decision to block British companies from the satellite’s manufacture and the government from secure aspects of the project.

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