UK-EU security cooperation after Brexit

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The United Kingdom: House of Commons: Home Affairs Committee published a report UK-EU security cooperation after Brexit on the 21 March 2018.

The Committee warned of serious legal, constitutional and political obstacles in the way of achieving continued close policing and security cooperation after Brexit.

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Security Treaty
The report welcomed the Government’s objectives for a Security Treaty to replicate current cooperation on Europol, the European Arrest Warrant and criminal data sharing, but criticised the Government for complacency over the timetable and warns about the complexity of the negotiations.

Flexibility in negotiations
The report called for security and policing negotiations to begin immediately, and called on the UK Government and the European Commission to show flexibility. The Committee argued that the EU should not try to restrict cooperation to existing third country models, and that the UK should not be rigid about artificial red lines, especially on the CJEU. It argued that both parties should be ready to extend the transition period, as it was likely to take longer than two years to resolve new legal arrangements for extradition and data sharing.

The Committee warned that the Government risked sleep-walking into a crisis, by appearing to assume that the shared UK-EU interest in security cooperation would lead to swift and easy agreement of complex legal and constitutional problems.

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