UK minister to launch ultimatum: Reform or we’ll leave the EU

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EurActiv and other news sources reported on a speech given by the United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) George Osborne to an Open Europe / Fresh Start Pan-European Conference for EU reform in London on the 15 January 2014.

Mr Osborne warned that the European Union must reform if it wanted Britain to remain a member, while saying it faced decline if it resisted change.

Rachida Dati, a senior figure in France's centre-right opposition speaking at the same conference, offered clear support for the UK drive for European Union reform.

Separately, it was reported that UK Prime Minister David Cameron was to use separate meetings with Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande to demand cast-iron legal protections for the City of London as part of the proposed reforms to prevent the UK leaving the EU.

On the 18 January 2014, UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, said foreign manufacturing companies had approached the UK government with concerns about the UK leaving the EU.

On the 3 February 2014, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appealed to the UK to remain in the European Union, regardless of progress on the EU treaty change sought by Britain's Conservative-led government.

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