Ukraine and the EU – Needed: Less Tymoshenko, More Values

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Series Details No.32, October 2011
Publication Date October 2011
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The EU has manoeuvred itself into a corner by insisting on freedom for Yulia Tymoshenko. The problems in Ukraine run much deeper and a broader approach is required to achieve any meaningful results. At the same time, the conflict over the Tymoshenko case provides an opportunity for the EU to recognise the seriousness of the 'values gap' and its implications for Ukrainian domestic and foreign policy.

There may still be a chance to rescue the Association Agreement and retain the EU's credibility as a values-oriented actor. However, if the process regarding the agreement should be put on hold, consideration should be given to discarding the current overly ambitious EU approach to Ukraine and replacing it with a more realistic collection of 'building blocks' better adapted to Ukrainian political, economic and social conditions.

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