Undefined boundaries and grey areas: The evolving interaction between the EU and national public services

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Series Details No.2, 2002, p8-15
Publication Date 2002
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Co-operation in public administration is of an informal nature because the Treaties of the European Union do not foresee Community powers regarding the organisation of the public administrations, and for existing substantial differences in national personnel policies and administrative systems of the Member States. However, the impact of Community law and administrative co-operation is increasingly affecting the administrative, organisational, legal and political structures of the Member States. Some experts even argue that this form of Europeanisation is leading to a European administrative space or a European model of public service in the long run. This article discusses how and why the integration process affects national public services despite the limited competence of the EU. Special emphasis is placed on the question of whether the current development may produce - in the future - a convergence of the national public services.

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