Understanding the European Union: a concise introduction (Seventh Edition)

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Publication Date 2017
ISBN 978-1-137-60775-1 (hbk) / 978-1-137-60625-9 (pbk) / 978-1-137-60776-8 (ebook)
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This best-selling textbook provides a broad-ranging but concise introduction to the European Union (EU), covering all major aspects of European integration. The revised new edition takes full account of the current challenges faced by the EU, including the ongoing difficulties in the eurozone and the rise of euroscepticism, which culminated spectacularly in Brexit.

Table of Contents:

  • What is the European Union?
    • The EU in the international system
    • The dynamics of regional integration
    • Explaining the EU today
  • The idea of Europe
    • Europe's changing identity
    • Where is Europe?
    • What is a European?
  • The evolution of the EU
    • Postwar Europe
    • First steps towards integration (1948-55)
    • The European Economic Community (1955-86)
    • Focus on the single market (1986-92)
    • From Community to Union (1992-2003)
    • The era of crisis (2003-)
  • The European institutions
    • A constitution for Europe
    • The European Council
    • The European Commission
    • The Council of the EU
    • The European Parliament
    • The European Court of Justice
  • The EU and its citizens
    • Public opinion and Europe
    • Euroscepticism
    • The democratic deficit
    • The people's Europe
    • Participation and representation
  • The EU policy process
    • The changing balance of authority
    • The policy environment
    • The policy cycle
    • Features of the EU policy process
    • The EU budget
  • Economic policy
    • The single market
    • European business and the single market
    • Inside the eurozone
  • Internal policies
    • Cohesion policy
    • Employment and social policy
    • Agriculture and fisheries
    • Justice and home affairs
    • Environmental policy
  • External policies
    • Foreign policy
    • Security and defence policy
    • Trade policy
    • Relations with the United States
    • Relations with the neighbourhood
    • Development cooperation
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