Understanding the Populist Revolt

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Publication Date April 2017
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A series of separate articles (some previously published in Social Europe) brought together in this eBook.

+ Introduction (Henning Meyer)
+ Without Social Democracy, Capitalism Will Eat Itself (Karin Pettersson)
+ Populism And The Need For A New Social Contract (Manuel Muñiz)
+ Ten Theses For The Fight Against Right-Wing Populism (Marc Saxer)
+ Global Inequality, Populism And The Future Of Democracy (Werner Raza)
+ A Majority Of 'Deplorables'? (Jan-Werner Müller)
+ Why Has the White Working Class Abandoned the Left? (Bo Rothstein)
+ How to Pull the Ground from under Right-Wing Populism (Jürgen Habermas)

Source Link https://www.socialeurope.eu/book/undertstanding-populist-revolt/
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